Bibliodrama Workshop May 20th- 21st

Bibliodrama Workshop

From Reformation to Transformation

A core teaching of Martin Luther is his statement that neither penance nor good

deeds bring the individual closer to God; only God’s grace given as a free gift will

save human beings. What is therefore needed is faith, not law nor priest, since in

the eyes of God all humans are equal. These new teachings were a fatal blow

against churchly as well as secular institutions. What does that mean in

postmodern times, where Dorothee Sölle, a protestant theologian, intimately

connected to the American way of life, speaks not of faith but of the necessity of

remembering G.O.D. in a world of extreme consumerism and fundamentalism?

Creative resistance against the oblivion of an innate sacredness or just goodness –

the daily experience of many- was her spiritual answer.

With the tools of Bibliodrama- inquiring personal narratives, role play, body and

movement rituals/meditations we will be tracking some of our own footprints

between oblivion and tastes of moments of transformation out of nowhere

whose beauty often seems hard to believe with our skeptical minds.

Friday, May 20, 5:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Saturday, May 21, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church, 3281 16th Street/Dolores, SF

$40 – $25 for students or seniors

Includes light snack on Friday and lunch on Saturday; nobody will be turned away

Please RSVP by May 18 at office@stmatthews-sf.or 415-863-6371

Peter Erlenwein (Ph.D.) Is a sociopsychologist and transpersonal therapist from Germany. His integral approach combines Jungian archetypal psychology, meditation and body mind work with dance, ritual and role playing in the context of sacred text reflections of different religious traditions. (Bibliodrama/Hagiodrama). His spiritual insight and life has been deeply inspired by his decades long travels to India, Southern Africa and now the US. As a radio journalist, author and intercultural researcher he has been publishing continuously on interreligious subjects. His latest book is titled: Und sah die Himmel offen. Spiritualität diesseits und jenseits von Religion/ And saw the heaven open. Spirituality this side and beyond religion.


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