German Accordion Orchestra, October 8 @ 3 p.m.

Youth Accordion Orchestra

The youth accordion Orchestra “concerto fisarmonica” was founded in Germany on February 26, 1996 with 35 children and adolescents, and is 20 years old this year. Since its inception Concerto Fisarmonica has had more than a 100 members.  At present there are 21 active members. The orchestra consists of four sections of accordion, in addition to a multi sound accordion, bass guitar, saxophone, and drums. Concerto Fisarmonica has rehearsed and performed around 250 songs during its existence.
The repertoire includes anything that can be played on the accordion: rock and pop, country and folk music, classic, musical melodies and film music. Many titles have been arranged specifically for the ensemble. Concerto Fisarmonica has developed a reputation in the regional music scene, through numerous small and large concerts.
The ensemble has been on tours to Sweden (2006/2011), Brazil (2008), Hungary (2009) and this year to San Francisco.

All accordionists of the ensemble have gained their musical abilities under the tutelage of the Musikschule Fröhlich teacher Mr. Tobias Mehner. In addition to Mr. Mehner’s work as a music teacher he is also an Orchestra conductor, freelance musician and a church musician.
The ensemble is supported by the non-profit Foundation “Freundeskreis des Jugend-Akkordeon-Orchesters >concerto fisarmonica< E.v. “


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