Pr. Carola Scherf

Pastor Carola Scherf will spend the month of August observing the activities of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church in San Francisco.

Pastor Carola Scherf was born in Bremen. She studied theology in Wuppertal and Hamburg and received her pastoral education in the church in Oldenburg (near Bremen) as did Pastor Kerstin Weidmann. She has been the pastor of Paul-Gerhardt Church in Lübeck since 2013.The congregation has 4,500 members and is named after Paul Gerhardt, the famous German hymnwriter, who wrote “Geh aus mein Herz und suche Freud”. In this spirit of this hymn she came to St. Matthew’s. While her husband is visiting a partner congregation in Tanzania she inquired about spending a month at St. Matthew’s on a continuing education basis. This will give some impulse to the congregation in Lübeck. She is looking forward to many conversations and meetings with the members of St. Matthew’s.