Welcome to St. Matthew’s!

The people of St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church welcome you to join us in worship and fellowship.

Our congregation has been a part of the life of San Francisco since 1895, when it was founded to serve German-speaking Lutherans in the Mission District of this city. During the intervening years, English language worship was added, and we now offer opportunities for worship in both languages. At present, we have the only regularly scheduled German language services in Northern California.

As successive waves of German immigrants who settled in San Francisco and their children moved out into the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, St. Matthew’s has become a regional as well as a local church. Christmas and Easter see the church filled with friends and relatives from all over the area and beyond. Young families often honor their German and familial roots by bringing their children to St. Matthew’s for baptism.

Additionally, we host concerts by German-American choirs, as well as by other musicians, both American and European, many of whom perform German and German-language music.

We are a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, boldly proclaiming the grace-filled Gospel of Jesus Christ in the tradition of Martin Luther.

Whether you live in San Francisco or are visiting, we hope that you will find our church a warm place of Christian love and welcome.

We look forward to seeing you!